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Munroe & Chew
27 Congress Street
Salem MA, 01945

Tel: (978) 542-1985
Fax: (978) 542-1986



Description: Munroe & Chew provides premium legal services for bankrupt clients needing Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt relief or Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy reorganization plans. We have handled hundreds of business and personal bankruptcy cases. Whether you need credit card debt consolidation, debt management or eliminating debt that you cannot pay due to unemployment, illness, injury, divorce or other factors, our we will provide the legal information you need. Stop foreclosure, wage garnishment, tax levy, auto repossession or creditor harassment.Counseling to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. Recover from bad credit.

Keywords: Bankruptcy, Brazil, Trade, Transaction, Business, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Employer, Employment, Employee

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