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Robert H. Lange Co.
50 Congress Street, Suite 525
Boston MA, 02109

Tel: 617-523-1874
Fax: 617-523-7343



Description: owned and operated by Loretta Hennessey, Registered Merit Reporter and Certified Realtime Reporter. Staff of independent court reporters, most with over twenty years of court-reporting experience, who have extensive experience in various aspects of the court-reporting field, including maritime law, patent law, medical and technical work, LiveNote, Summation, rough-edit ASCIIs, and daily copy. We also can provide ASCIIs in any format our clients need, including Summation, Word Perfect, RFT, Page Image and Amicus, as well as condensed transcripts with word indices and E-transcript. We are able to meet any of our clients’ video needs through our association with Certified Legal Video Specialists. Call Toll Free (800) 645-6807.

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