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Find a lawyer in Massachusetts to handle bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or other bankruptcy court approved asset liquidation, debt restructuring or financial reorganization plan.

Ackerman Law Offices - Experienced bankruptcy attorney providing legal services and representation to consumers and small businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

Law Office of Richard M Schifone - specializing in Personal Chapter 7 & 13, eliminate debt, stop foreclosure, wage attachment,free consultation,low fees. Located in Union Square Somerville, MA. Takes Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts. Offers free consultation. Offers discounts for seniors and affordable payment plans.

McLeod Law Offices, PC - Atty. William J. McLeod, practice areas include bankruptcy, construction law, corporate & business law, employment & labor law, employee benefits and family law.

McManus Law Offices - Overwhelmed with Debt? We can help! Call now! Free initial consultation. Protect your assets and get a fresh start with quality representation. Home visits and plenty of free parking.

Miller Law Office - Attorney Thomas Miller. Practice focuses on legal services for debtors. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you need legal advice. Website offers "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ), articles about bankruptcy, insolvency, financial disaster and recovery, and other useful information for anyone having financial problems that are becoming legal problems. Stop collection harassment, protect your credit and assets, get out of debt, put an end to "debt stress". Atty. Miller only represents debtors (not creditors). Visit website, call or email for more info.

Munroe & Chew - Munroe & Chew provides premium legal services for bankrupt clients needing Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt relief or Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy reorganization plans. We have handled hundreds of business and personal bankruptcy cases. Whether you need credit card debt consolidation, debt management or eliminating debt that you cannot pay due to unemployment, illness, injury, divorce or other factors, our we will provide the legal information you need. Stop foreclosure, wage garnishment, tax levy, auto repossession or creditor harassment.Counseling to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. Recover from bad credit.

Stephen E. Shamban Law Offices, P.C. - emphasis on bankruptcy law. Stop foreclosure, negotiate with your creditors, protect your assets, set up payment arrangements with (MA) DOR and/or IRS. Call Toll Free: 800-660-0019.

Town & Country Legal Associates - Natick, MA law firm specializes in bankruptcy law, debt settlement, foreclosure prevention, mortgage and loan modifications and other consumer debt and financial related legal matters.

Valdettaro & Josephs - law firm with focus on bankruptcy law, primarily represent consumer debtors who need relief.

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