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Find a lawyer to defend you against misdemeanor or felony charges in Massachusetts. Top MA lawyers who specialize in criminal defense for driving, alcohol or drug charges, (DWI, DUI, OIU), theft, assault or murder charges are listed here.

Andrews & Updegraph, PC - Defense of individuals in all State and Federal Courts.

Attorney Darius Arbabi - criminal defense lawyer, recognized expert in Massachusetts firearms law, practice concentrates on firearms licensing and litigation, criminal defense, real estate, and personal injury law. In case of emergency contact Atty. Arbabi by cell phone at (508)395-6500.

Attorney Gordon Feener - focusing on criminal defense law, insurance claims law, collection and business litigation

Attorney Paul R Gormley - Primary geographic area of practice is Essex County; when I am not at the office, my phone is forwarded to my pager. Expect a return call within ten minutes at most times.

Bourbeau & Bonilla - criminal defense, exclusively, representing people before state, federal and appellate courts.

Brad Bailey Law, P.C. - former state and federal prosecutor, knows the system, has extensive experience representing clients accused of all manner of state and federal crimes. If you've been charged with a crime or are under investigation, contact Attorney Bailey for a free consultation.

Jesse C. Cohen, Attorney at Law - concentrating in the areas of firearms law, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

Joseph M. Griffin, Attorney at Law - Defense of every kind of criminal case including: drug cases, drunk driving and other motor vehicle offenses, sexual offenses, white collar and corporate crime, domestic violence cases, child abuse and spousl abuse, fraud, weapons charges, crimes of violence larceny, handling all matters in all Massachusetts courts. Call Toll Free (877)39-LEGAL

Juliane Balliro, Esquire - Ms. Balliro is a partner in the Boston based, mid-size law firm of Perkins, Smith & Cohen, LLP, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island and Washington, DC. She has the experience and resources necessary to defend her clients against complex white - collar crimes such as securities, tax, bank and government fraud and major felonies such as murder, vehicular homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, drug possession, distribution and importation and robbery.

Kevin J. Mahoney, Criminal Defense Lawyer - Attorney Mahoney is an experienced trial lawyer. He has tried nearly 100 cases, successfully defending those accused of murder, motor vehicle homicide, rape, drug offenses, drunk driving, assault and battery, and armed robbery. Attorney Mahoney is a fearless advocate who puts his heart and soul into every client's case.

Law Office of Craig R. Bartolomei - Attorney Bartolomei is a hard working, aggressive and friendly attorney who gives each of his clients 100 0.000000e+00ffort.

Law Office of James Budreau - criminal and employment attorney. Trials and appeals in Federal and Massachusetts State Courts.

Law Office of Joseph L. Duffy - criminal defense attorney with focus on defending those charged with violations of maritime law or military law.

Law Office of Kevin J. MacDonald - Aggressive trial attorney with experience in criminal defense, family law, employment discrimination, and consumer protection.

Law Office of Michael Germano - practice areas; criminal, DUI/DWI, personal injury, sexual harassment, workers' compensation law.

Law Office of Steven J. Topazio - criminal defense lawyer with over 25 years of trial experience.

Law Office of T.J. Slater - Experienced trial attorney handling all types of criminal defense matters i.e. drug offenses, OUI's domestics & other motor vehicle offenses. Clerk Magistrate Hearings, restraining orders for plaintiffs or defendants. Successfully resolved personal injury matters for substantial sums of money. Represent buyers, sellers and upon request will close your loan as the bank's attorney. Affordable legal representation.

Law Offices of Geoffrey G. Nathan - criminal defense, from shoplifting to murder. Offices in Quincy and Boston.

Law Offices of Hrones & Garrity - offering legal aid for criminal defense, white collar crimes, police misconduct, sex discrimination, medical malpractice, personal injury.

Masferrer & Hurowitz, PC - General practice firm with concentrations in Criminal Defense, Immigration and Appellate work practicing in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Peter T. Elikann, Attorney At Law - criminal defense, drug, drunk driving and other motor vehicle charges, white collar or corporate crime, criminal domestic abuse, fraud, weapons charges, violence and sexual offenses.

Rankin & Sultan - Attorneys at Law - criminal defense firm representing individuals and companies in investigations, prosecutions, and appeals in state and federal courts

Roncone Law Offices PC - Arrested? DWI? Unsure of your rights? Call us today.

Steven C. Boozang, Esq. - state and federal criminal defense

The Law Offices of Thomas Kokonowski, ESQ - practicing criminal defense and civil litigation in Northampton, MA. Can represent you on criminal defense cases including drug crimes, gun crimes, sex crimes, federal crimes, probation violations and suspended license appeals. More than 20 years trial experience and offering legal advice.

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